Live your powerful story

The world, as it is, forces women to live limited versions of ourselves. To fit into other people’s ideals, we hide essential pieces of who we really are. We squash our own dreams to meet other people’s needs. We get tangled up in our own doubts and fears and feelings of not being worthy. We even feel shame for wanting something more.

When we slow down just enough, we cannot deny the whispers that promise a more satisfying life.

Sound familiar? Take a deep breath. You are not alone.

  • Develop the skills and capacities you need to live your truth.
  • Discover how you can create an unshakeable connection to your most powerful
  • Claim your vision for your life and dismantle all the things that are keeping you from living it.

It’s time to embrace your authentic self.

It’s time to unleash the dreams stirring inside you.

It’s time to live from the inside out.

It’s time to make a change.

Image of Jamie Mayo surfing.

Within you is a sacred rebel who dares to dream of a more beautiful world. You believe in inspiration, and you trust in hope. How I adore that dreaming, daring, hopeful heart of yours!

—  Alana Fairchild, Wild Kuan Yin Oracle

My Expertise

I have been working to embrace my true self for years. I have learned, and failed, and grown, and sometimes thought I’d never believe I was worthy of the life I yearned to live. As a result, I have developed superpowers to create shortcuts for you to reach your own powerful story. My core areas of expertise include:

Reclaiming Imperfection

The prison of perfection keeps women from owning our brilliance. I help women release the power that is available when they let perfection go, make more room for themselves to breathe, and move, and try, and fail, and get up and go again. You can muck things up and enjoy it because you know that it is in mucking things up that you can discover your new possible–and that includes cleaning up any mess you make (if you feel like it).

Embracing Difficult Emotions

One of the most powerful ways you can take care of yourself is to welcome whatever it is that you are feeling. To get curious about it. To tend to it like you take care of other people. I’d be honored to guide your exploration of the amazing treasure to be found in the emotions you have not been able to honor—your authentic self.

Rethinking Forgiveness

While forgiveness is a powerful tool, it has all too often been weaponized against women. The expectation that we will forgive anything and everything—for our own good—is eroding our lives. When you jump straight to forgiveness, you skip over the most essential step in the process–giving yourself what you need when you’ve been betrayed or violated in some way. I hold the space you need to focus on yourself when hurt by another so that forgiveness can unfold naturally.

Witnessing Powerful Stories

Too many women have been told that they do not matter, that they don’t get to own their own lives, that their stories are insignificant. The truth is we all have powerful stories and those stories can set us free. When someone else can see what you can’t, you can start to hold onto the glimmers reflected back to you. I’d love to work with you to weave your new-possible story.

Creating Community

We all need supportive people surrounding us to see ourselves accurately, to truly thrive–and to plain old enjoy life. Embrace your true self and work with me deepen your capacity to connect with others in more fulfilling ways.

My Services

Courses and Workshops

Coaching to Begin Your Discovery Journey

Need targeted support in short doses? Check out my offerings designed to help you make fast progress toward creating a more delightful world to live in–for you and those you love most.


Coaching to Connect with Your True Self

Ready to dig in and become the woman who dives headfirst into the darkness around her and brings the light to her own world? The woman who knows who she is and shows up as herself wherever she goes? Get on the fast track with support tailored just for you.

Group Coaching

Coaching to Expand Your Possible

Want to expand your network and deepen the support you need to open into the dreams that matter most to you? Join with a group of like-minded women to become the woman you have always desired to be. There is nothing like growing in good company.


Storytelling to Transform Your People

Tasked with enticing a group of people to open to new ideas? My presentation style infuses a gentle humor with deep authenticity that allows me to tackle tough topics and shift entrenched perspectives and habits of thinking. Work with me and I’ll tailor the presentation you need to open hearts and minds.

Join the Evolution!

Break free from limiting beliefs
Unleash your authentic self
Align your actions with your core values
Prioritize self care
Expand your ”possible”
Choose to belong to yourself
Believe in a world that makes more sense
Live Your Powerful Story!
Image of a woman standing on a rock wall living a powerful life.

If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one

—  Dolly Parton

It's been said...

Kim B.

Jamie is such a natural at leading conversations that pull truths out, and those truths have helped me live a better life in so many ways. Through working with Jamie, I was able to figure out a painful pattern I’d been living since I was a child. To be able to see it for the first time in my life, to recognize what was happening and my role in it, has made it possible for me to maneuver family holidays in a much healthier manner. Jamie is a treasure. 

Inge C.

I turned to Jamie because I was feeling stuck and quite helpless in my relationship with a dear family member. With her intuition and deep and clear understanding of the situation, she gave me exactly what I needed. I found safety and confidence in myself and was able to rekindle the relationship in a relaxed and loving way. I am very grateful to Jamie and highly recommend her as a coach. 

Beth N.

Jamie has identified this core issue that people can’t even really quite name, but it’s this huge feeling of lack inside themselves. It’s the huge divide of our time—those who look for their power outside of themselves and those who go within and know that it is only there that they can find it.  

 What Jamie does is connect you with the power inside of you and she does it through connecting you to your story, the one you aren’t quite able to hold onto. Jamie’s brilliance is that she puts you in touch with your own brilliance. 

Ian W.

I appreciate Jamie’s very gentle and persistent prompting forwards. It’s very much in tune with my desire to explore areas I want to explore but which I have to stretch internally to be able to do. She enables and empowers and helps shape the journey of others by pausing and providing space for them to step into their true story in an empowering way. She loves and empathizes with the you that you’re struggling to embrace.