My Approach

What Can Jamie Do for Me?

Through my work with women who are struggling to own their lives, I have developed the Path Home Process. This process starts with expanding your sense of what is possible then provides the tools and guidance you need to get there. I have found that focusing on the stories we tell ourselves is the quickest, most potent way to do that …

Because you don’t just tell yourself stories, you live inside them.

My work begins in helping you root out those stories that do not serve you, that have been handed to you by society, that you could not see for what they were. Those old stories smother your authentic self, keep you from setting healthy boundaries, prevent your forging meaningful connections.

Unraveling old stories leads to weaving new ones that actually fit your fully unleashed self. Through my story work, coaching, and facilitation, I am committed to supporting you to take back your power to create your world in ways that light you up and honor the core of who you are.

“I love helping women embrace the freedom of imperfection so their brilliance can shine.”  [quoting myself here, like you do . . . when you are brilliant! ;)]

If you yearn to live your life more authentically and joyfully, let me help.

Image of Jamie Mayo walking on a bridge.

My biggest dream is to live in a world based on love and inclusion, creativity and meaning.

—  Jamie Mayo

Who Does Jamie Mayo Think She Is?!!?

Well, let me tell you. I’m a Southeast Missouri-raised kid who started out in Southern California. My brothers and cousins and I got into all kinds of mischief in the woods and creeks surrounding my grandparents’ home when we were young. We created stories and adventures and lived them until my grandmother blew her whistle signaling it was time to come in for supper. And then we were back out in the soft dark amongst the fireflies, listening to grown ups’ stories, playing flashlight tag, looking up at the stars, and soaking in the night air. My hometown may have been small, but my world was expansive.

Until it wasn’t. Until I reached that certain age, the age where a girl runs smack dab into all the supposed-to-be’s. An age where girls don’t . . . so many things. I couldn’t work out who I was in the midst of all that oughta-be. I began to tell myself stories to help me make sense of it all. Stories that kept me from living outside the lines. “I’m too much.” “I’m not enough.” “I’m not worthy. “I don’t belong.” Eventually, “I don’t belong” grew into “I am an abomination.” And I spent decades of my life living as though all those things were true.

Thing is, though, I’d experienced magic when I was young. My grandfather had brought the mysteries of the universe to life for us kids. And his magic flowed in my veins. That magic, that core of who I am, wasn’t settling for no stinking status quo—my will to keep myself small and safe be damned. That magic kept making alliances with that not-to-be denied rebel soul girl who was too big for the britches she was supposed to fit herself into. Finally, I learned to embrace it, mix in a hefty dose of joyful trickster energy and a big dollop of curiosity, and I put all that to work in ways that saved me and serves the world.

It wasn’t easy work, but it was worth every angsty drop of sweat it took to do it. Worth nurturing every story seed about who I really was, what I am here to do, what was really possible. Worth digging up every painful, choking indictment about who I was and could be. Because that work has made possible the person I delight in being today, the woman who’s been through what so many other women struggle with, the woman who can help others journey from their own particular sense of abomination to their own particular awesome.

What else?

Storyteller/Story Listener

Creating and telling stories is how I make sense of my world

I love stories. They have expanded my sense of what is possible. They have required me to grow. They have touched places inside of me I could not get to without them. And they have helped me heal connections between myself and those I love. I am in awe of just how profoundly stories change the world.

Community Builder

Meaningful work is just more fun when you’re in good company

Doing hard work is just more fun when you have a community of people who get it—and you—working right alongside you. More gets done more easily and more joyfully. Throw in a little silliness and dancing, a little room for tears and defiance, fertile ground for dreams to become the new possible, and that’s the kind of community I’m about.

Trickster/Rebel/Truth Seeker

Putting all my reclaimed powers to work for your transformation

I have come to love these particular qualities about myself. They not only form the foundation for how I approach my work with women, they have fueled my struggle to free my life from the mold I was supposed to fit myself into. They have allowed me to hold onto my vision of a world that could be, a world I want to live in–a world that works for everyone. I am fierce about helping women see their beauty, feel their power, determine what their lives can be.

Because that . . . that changes the world.

Alice laughed. ‘There’s no use trying,’ she said: ‘one CAN’T believe impossible things.’ ‘I daresay you haven’t had much practice,’ said the Queen. ‘When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.’

—  Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

It's been said...

Beth N.

Jamie has identified this core issue that people can’t even really quite name, but it’s this huge feeling of lack inside themselves. It’s the huge divide of our time—those who look for their power outside of themselves and those who go within and know that it is only there that they can find it.

What Jamie does is connect you with the power inside of you and she does it through connecting you to your story, the one you aren’t quite able to hold onto. Jamie’s brilliance is that she puts you in touch with your own brilliance.

Ian W.

I appreciate Jamie’s very gentle and persistent prompting forwards. It’s very much in tune with my desire to explore areas I want to explore but which I have to stretch internally to be able to do. She enables and empowers and helps shape the journey of others by pausing and providing space for them to step into their true story in an empowering way. She loves and empathizes with the you that you’re struggling to embrace. 

Kim B.

Jamie is such a natural at leading conversations that pull truths out, and those truths have helped me live a better life in so many ways. Through working with Jamie, I was able to figure out a painful pattern I’d been living since I was a child. To be able to see it for the first time in my life, to recognize what was happening and my role in it, has made it possible for me to maneuver family holidays in a much healthier manner. Jamie is a treasure. 

Inge C.

I turned to Jamie because I was feeling stuck and quite helpless in my relationship with a dear family member. With her intuition and deep and clear understanding of the situation, she gave me exactly what I needed. I found safety and confidence in myself and was able to rekindle the relationship in a relaxed and loving way. I am very grateful to Jamie and highly recommend her as a coach.