There are simply some things you can’t do by yourself. Ironically, becoming your most powerful self is one of those things. My signature Path Home Process is designed to help you claim your next-level self more quickly, with less effort.

Whether you desire to work one on one or in a group of other women intent on reclaiming their power, I’ve got you covered. Take the next step in your journey home to you and schedule your free discovery call today.

It takes courage to be the real you, and it’s also the only path you’ll ever find to true freedom. It takes risk to be the real you, and it’s also the only possibility of experiencing true purpose. It takes vulnerability to be the real you, and it’s also the only place you’ll experience true love. Showing up in this world as ALL of who you are tastes like freedom.”

—  Jamie Kern Lima

Courses and Workshops

Path to Possibility

This eight-week interactive online course is a great first step to rediscovering your true self, shedding your limiting beliefs, and living in alignment with your values. Filled with inspiring content and engaging practices that employ the Path Home Process, the Path to Possibility will guide you through each stage of your quest to live an authentic life.

Live Your Powerful Story

We all have stories inside us that make it hard to own our full power, to believe we are worthy of the things we really want, of being the person we know ourselves to be. This half-day workshop offers a space in which you can explore your desires for something more, for a life that matters to you. If you are tired of a life half-lived, a life that leaves you feeling overwhelmed or unsatisfied, come discover how you can challenge your internal status quo as well as all those expectations pressing down on you from outside. It’s time to start believing in your possible story.

The F*** You Path to Forgiveness

Way too often, forgiveness becomes another burden of shame a person who has been violated, betrayed, or disappointed has to carry. The old-fashioned forgiveness requires you to continue giving your attention to the one who has harmed you and keeps you from doing the one thing from which true forgiveness could arise—being with the feelings that need your attention and love. Your feelings. Not so you can forgive somebody else, but so you can heal. No one ever deserves to be treated as if they don’t matter. Period. If you are stuck in the feelings of shame, resentment, and anger that so often accompany violations of your self, I invite you to walk the F*** You Path to Forgiveness.

Courses and Workshops starting at $199

Want to host a workshop for your organization? Reach out and let’s talk about what will work best for your needs.

Individual Coaching

Your worth is never up for debate. Very few women are raised to know this. My work is designed to lead you back to this irrefutable truth. You are inherently worthy. Period. Utilizing the Path Home Process, my coaching packages are designed to provide you the safe space you need to create the life you long to live—tailored to your needs, at your pace.

Coaching packages designed to accelerate your growth starting at $1,500

Stop settling and start thriving.

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Group Coaching

The Possibility Paradigm: Unleashing Your True Self

Ready for a deeper dive into the Path Home Process? Join a community of women who are determined to create lives they deem worth living. Step out of isolation and connect to the support you need to dig in and own your life in a new way. Discover what really matters to you and how to shape your life to make room for it.

Group Coaching starting at $3,500

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Need a powerful, irreverently reverent, joyful speaker at your next function?
I can deliver.

Whether it be for your spiritual community, a keynote address, or a storytelling event, I would love to tailor a presentation to meet your needs.  My focus areas include:

  • Honoring difficult emotions
  • Embracing imperfection and amplifying possibility
  • Rethinking forgiveness
  • Creating community and healing divides
  • Living your most powerful story

Speaking engagements starting at $500

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We cannot become ourselves by ourselves.

—  Claire Zammit, PhD

Fortunately we don’t have to.

—  Me

It's been said...

Inge C.

I turned to Jamie because I was feeling stuck and quite helpless in my relationship with a dear family member. With her intuition and deep and clear understanding of the situation, she gave me exactly what I needed. I found safety and confidence in myself and was able to rekindle the relationship in a relaxed and loving way. I am very grateful to Jamie and highly recommend her as a coach. 

Beth N.

Jamie has identified this core issue that people can’t even really quite name, but it’s this huge feeling of lack inside themselves. It’s the huge divide of our time—those who look for their power outside of themselves and those who go within and know that it is only there that they can find it.  

 What Jamie does is connect you with the power inside of you and she does it through connecting you to your story, the one you aren’t quite able to hold onto. Jamie’s brilliance is that she puts you in touch with your own brilliance. 

Ian W.

I appreciate Jamie’s very gentle and persistent prompting forwards. It’s very much in tune with my desire to explore areas I want to explore but which I have to stretch internally to be able to do. She enables and empowers and helps shape the journey of others by pausing and providing space for them to step into their true story in an empowering way. She loves and empathizes with the you that you’re struggling to embrace. 

Kim B.

Jamie is such a natural at leading conversations that pull truths out, and those truths have helped me live a better life in so many ways. Through working with Jamie, I was able to figure out a painful pattern I’d been living since I was a child. To be able to see it for the first time in my life, to recognize what was happening and my role in it, has made it possible for me to maneuver family holidays in a much healthier manner. Jamie is a treasure.